Vicki Owen Psychotherapy and Counselling Wooler, Northumberland

About Psychotherapy and Counselling

My approach is a developmental-relational one. This means that I think that our past experiences shape who we are today, and that getting to know our past experiences helps us understand our current difficulties. I aim to provide a safe and containing relationship to work through these issues, understand yourself better, and to try different ways of living and connecting with others and getting the best out of your life.

I believe this can lead to greater choice, authenticity and contentment. You will understand yourself and your relationships better, and live in a more satisfying and resourceful way. You will be better equipped to face the future through increased self awareness, you will manage change more easily, and come to terms with your painful past in order to live a happier and more meaningful life.

In our work together, I don't criticise or offer advice, but I will listen carefully to you and help you talk about and understand your feelings and to make sense of your experiences.

If you come as a couple, I will listen to each of you and I will help you both to be able to listen carefully to each other and to understand and empathise with each other.

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